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Welcome to the new wiki for MODUS bot! Development edition
This is still a work in progress. Things might change.
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Q: So what is going on?
A: Discord is changing how bots work and / commands are the way of the future.

Q: Where are all the old commands?
A: Since discord is changing how commands work. I see no reason to document the old commands. New commands will be available over time.

Q: Can I still use the old commands?
A: You can use the old commands until April 2022. After this.
Discord will break old bots and those bots will no longer be able to read any messages

General Slash Commands!

Nothing here yet!
Tune back soon!

/rollAllows you to roll dice with modifier!

Fallout Slash Commands

/ccReturns Nuke codes without embeds
/CodesReturns Nuke codes in embeds
/fedAllows you to search up estimated prices on weapons and armor
/tpcAllows you to search The Plan Collectors Database for Plans
/tpcsearch:requiredpage: integer/number 

Admin Slash commands

/Serverinfo (WIP)Displays detailed information about your Discord server

The bot is still a work in progress. Things might change or break.

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