Moveto - Move conversations

Feel like people don't always talk in the right channels?

We to notice this a lot! We to are sometimes bothered by people not using the right channels. Which is why the "moveto" command exist! It allows you to move a number of messages (Up to 30) to be moved to another channel! How you ask? SYNTHS!

You can use the moveto command by doing the following
>moveto <desired channel> <amount of msgs> {reason}
"{reason}" is a optional argument and is not required for the command
>moveto #General 10 Out of topic. Continue in the general channel
>moveto #General 10
If you want to move a conversation silently without the bot pinging those
who where part of the conversation then you can now use the following:
>silentmoveto <desired channel> <amount of msgs>

Example of the command issued in a general channel

Example of messages being moved to another channel