Moveto command

Does it feel like people bloat the wrong channels?

We to notice this a lot! We to are sometimes bothered by people not using the right channels. Which is why the "moveto" command exist! It allows you to move a number of messages (Up to 30) to be moved to another channel! How you ask? SYNTHS!

Using this command will ping whoever was involved in said conversation unless you use the silent option.

You can use the moveto command by doing the following:

>moveto <desired channel> <amount of msgs> {reason}

"{reason}" is a optional argument and is not required for the command.

>moveto #General 10 Out of topic. Continue in the general channel

Example without argument

>moveto #General 10

If you want to move a conversation silently without the bot pinging those
who where part of the conversation then you can now use the following:

>silentmoveto <desired channel> <amount of msgs>