Reaction Roles command

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MODUS is equipped with the ability to give any user a role based on discord emojis and its reaction system. 

You have to use this command in the same channel as the message you wish to add a reaction role to.

Here is how you do it.

To add a reaction role to a message of your choosing. You can do the following:

>reactionrole add <messageID> <emoji> <@role>

Normally a user will be notified in their DMs when they have reacted to a reaction role. Though in some servers, admins find this intrusive or annoying and would rather have the bot serve said reaction role without letting the user know in their DMs.

When setting up reaction roles. You can set it up so it won't DM the user by doing the following:

>reactionrole add <messageID> <emoji> <@role> silent

To remove a reaction role from said message. You can do the following:

>reactionrole remove <messageID>