Serverinfo command

Are you curious about some general information about your server?

We were to! We have seen a few server info commands from Dyno to Mee6 but they aren't quite as detailed and normal users can sometimes use these commands. Shocker. We know. So we made our down server info command that's more detailed so you can get some general information about your server without having to look around to much.
You can easily run this command by doing the following:


While the image below will explain most things by itself. We added some things you might not see on other server information command on other bots
Here is what the server info command will display

  • Server owner
  • Server region
  • Server ID (Not to important but might be nice for some of you)
  • Number of Channels
  • Number of Members
  • Prune estimates (This will show the number of members without roles who have been inactive)
  • Emoji limit (Can be increased with server boosts)
  • Upload limit (Can be increased with server boosts)
  • Number of bans issued
  • Number of nitro boosts on the server
  • VIP features (Will only display if you have any from discord)
  • Verification level (This will display good or poor depending on if the server uses 2 factor authentication to do moderation)