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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What features are you currently working on with MODUS?
A: If you are curious about development of MODUS then you can head to the Trello page!

Q: Can I suggest a feature for MODUS?
A: That you can! Just head over to our discord and suggest it in #suggestions

Q: Can I help with building/coding the bot?
A: That is possible and you don't need coding skills. Talk to us in the discord server.

Q: When are you available?
A: Whenever we can.

Q: Whats the cost of running a discord bot?
A: If one wanted to host a discord bot. You could go as low as $5 on DigitalOcean but current costs for MODUS services lays around $40. (This can change over time)

Q: How do you get the @Contributors role in discord?
A: You get it by helping to contribute to the MODUS project.

Credits & Significant contributors

This page is to credit those who have helped with MODUS project.

The current development team

Tex Nevada - Head Developer & Project lead

Pure Savagery - Developer

Daryl Dixon - Translator

Yonatan - Developer


So thanks to everyone who has contributed to the MODUS Project. Those who have helped our project will be listed in our Discord with the role @Contributors

The list below is of those who have significantly helped contribute to the project.


Spent his entire December gathering images. Mad lad. He did most of the creature command images.

Drunkfu / Shia

Allowing us to use some awesome images for mutations.


Read the latest updates here!


Change log #1 - 2020-11-23

It has been a while!

It has seriously been a while and we haven't had the most time working on features but it is time to release what we have for you now!

New Features!


Bug fixes


Changelog #2 2021-01-12

I have now updated the reaction roles system to the new overhauled one. It should be much faster in terms of the bot applying said role and simpler to use for admins to create. I plan to look into switch & single use reaction role in the future but for now its basic.