Change log #1 - 2020-11-23

It has been a while!

It has seriously been a while and we haven't had the most time working on features but it is time to release what we have for you now!

New Features!

  • The roll command got an upgrade! It will now show the total result of each roll. Very handy for D&D and other pen & paper games!
  • Nuke codes will now automatically be pushed out every week! This will also updates every day in case Bethesda breaks something
  • Commands with images should now run faster thanks to our CDN!


  • All images & gifs have now been moved to the CDN.
  • Some images were hosted on imgur. All images are now hosted on our own domain using a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Bug fixes

  • Roll command would think you tried to roll over 100 dices when you tried to roll 0...
  • Roll command would throw a generic error if you rolled above 10 000 sides to a dice. This should now say you can only roll below 10 000 sides.