Credits & Significant contributors

This page is to credit those who have helped with MODUS project.

The current development team

Tex Nevada - Head Developer & Project lead

  • Main developer of the main code
  • Documentation page

Pure Savagery - Developer

  • Providing nuke codes.
  • Providing data mined files.
  • Helping with providing suggestions & helped when something got stuck.
  • Programming MODUS.

Daryl Dixon - Translator

  • Russian translator
  • Providing suggestions
  • Moral support & dedicated worker

Yonatan - Developer

  • Programming MODUS
  • Documentation


So thanks to everyone who has contributed to the MODUS Project. Those who have helped our project will be listed in our Discord with the role @Contributors

The list below is of those who have significantly helped contribute to the project.


Spent his entire December gathering images. Mad lad. He did most of the creature command images.

Drunkfu / Shia

Allowing us to use some awesome images for mutations.