User commands

A list of normal MODUS commands!

Joined command

Curious about when you joined the server you are in?

You can now use the "joined" command to get the date & time when you joined the discord server you are in.

MODUS does not know when you joined a server. This information is fetched from Discord




Roll command - Dice Roller

Switching between a web browser and discord can be tedious.

Luckily for you. MODUS supports the feature to perform dice rolls! Its very simple to do. Say you want to roll a 2d10. You can do so as seen below:


>roll <number of dice>d<How many sides the dice has>


>roll 2d10

There is a rate limit on the roll command to prevent issues. That being:

>roll 100d10000

Poll command

The Poll command allows you to create a poll in your server for your members to vote on



>poll {-optional toggle} {-optional toggle} “Question” “Answer 1” “Answer 2” ... etc


>poll “question” “answer one” “answer two”

You may also toggle some advanced features:
To toggle single vote mode use “-single” / “-s” / “-sv”

>poll -single “question” “answer one” “answer two”

this toggle will allow users to vote only once per poll


To toggle role specific vote mode use “-@Role”

>poll -@Role “question” “answer one” “answer two”

this toggle will only allow users with the mentioned role to vote