1.15 - 2020-04-12

New Snacks

  • You can now get updates when fallout 76 servers goes offline or online! You can even assign custom role to each online & offline message!

  • MODUS now supports FED76! If you don't know what fed76 is then check out

  • Perk cards now have a fresh new coat of paint!

  • Nuclear Winter Perks are here! You can use the nwperk to search for nuclear winter perks.

  • The spell checker is back! It should now correct any misspelling when looking up perks, mutations or creatures! (Hopefully it doesn't crash the bot AGAIN.) We will be monitoring this forward

  • Added the silentmovto for the Russian command.


  • There has been made changes in how we send images on embeds. We are now hosting images locally on the bot rather then relying on other hosting services. This can cause responses to be slow sadly.

  • MODUS should now post news articles without the pesky HTML tags! Hooray! (This was silently released!)

  • Cleaner code written for when MODUS leaves a server. (Should delete guild data more efficiently)

  • Titles in the help command should now have bold text to make it easier to read due to discord's change with embed titles.

Bug Fixes

  • Added the Russian prefix command because it was missing in the code even though it was available in the help command.

MODUS now has twice as much server resources!

On the 28th of February. MODUS went down on a quick maintenance for upgrade on server resources! MODUS now runs with a total of 2 GB memory. This number will continue to increase as the bot becomes more popular.

1.14.1 - 2020-01-23

Hotfix update

  • Fixed an issue that caused MODUS to error when admins tried to enable news feed with a channel name that had a emoji in it or otherwise used a different language set other then the English alphabet.

1.14.0 - 2020-01-18

New goodies

  1. MODUS can now fetch Fallout 76 news straight off!

  2. NukaCrypt is now credited on the nuke code command. I wasn't required to do this but did anyway to support Pure :).

Changes & bug fixes

  1. Reaction roles now has its own category i the admin help command

  2. Fixed a issue that caused Russian commands to execute in English.

  3. Spell checker is disabled while we look for what is causing MODUS to crash.

  4. The nuke code command now only says it resets on Tuesdays.

  5. The nuke code command now has some translation changes.

1.13.1 - 2020-01-03


  1. Fixed an issue that prevented reaction roles from being removed when using a command to do so

1.13.0 - 2019-12-13

New stuff!

  1. MODUS has now been migrated over to a new host!

  2. Internal code changes has now made MODUS responses faster! (Looking up custom prefixes internally took like 0.004 seconds!). Nuke codes might be a tad bit slower response due to region distance.

  3. The clear command & Moveto command now has a new feature. When both commands are doing its thing, MODUS will now display that it is "typing". This is to indicate to admins that it is working it's magic. The clear command sometimes can take its time when you are clearing over 1000 messages. Hence why this is a thing now

  4. MODUS will now delete any data about a discord server if said server decides to kick MODUS out. Meaning that any server that removes MODUS chooses to OPT OUT of our services (This will save us data storage space in the long run and keep costs low).

  5. MODUS can now output Market76 reddit feeds in real time. Due to the request of speed. The command had to be put behind a pay wall as to not disrupt discord's rate limits. We don't want to send 2750 messages a minute if all servers used the same function at once.


  1. The MODUS tracker command has now been disabled. As much as we wanted to keep people up to date on MODUS updates. We never really used it properly. We might find a different solution to this in the future but for now. If one wants MODUS updates. They will need to join the MODUS project discord.

  2. The clear command has now been changed from being able to clear 100 000 messages to 10 000. Why? Well why do you need to clear 100 000 messages when you can just clone a channel and delete the old one. (Also to note. Discord now rate limits bots after a certain amount of message deletions. So yeah.. It would slow MODUS down after trying to delete over 1000 messages.)

  3. The moveto command now has a new requested feature called "silentmoveto". It works just the same as the normal moveto command but will now finish quietly. Leaving a "Done" message in the original channel for about 2 second after it was sent before deleting the message.

  4. Changes has been made to the credits command to point it to our website rather then giving a wall of text.

  5. Renamed the Vault 94 power armor name in the PACost command to its proper name: Strangler Heart Power Armor. (This was also a hotfix before this patch).

  6. Serverinfo command has now gotten a face lift. (Changed the design a bit. Not much).

  7. The Joined command has now been altered. Showing date, month & year for when a user joined. The command has also now removed milliseconds the time.

  8. Help command Title should now be a bit larger in size as it now uses the right formatting.

Bug fixes

  1. The clear command will now delete its own message (done) after clearing and not deleting people's messages if someone managed to get a message in there before it would delete the next message in chat.

  2. The material's command should now work again! Hooray!

  3. Added in a check in PACost to check for T-51b instead of erroring.

1.12.0 - 2019-10-13

New stuff!

  • Translated MODUS to Russian!

  • MODUS will now remember the last nuke codes even if the connection to NukaCrypt is down.

  • Added in a Power Armor cost command


  • There is now a limiter on the clear command since someone decided to clear a number equal to the endgame box office earnings...

  • Due to requests. The creature command will now only display the creature and not it's full stats unless specified with a parameter.

  • Made changes to react roles to give better responses in case the command fails

  • Reworked about 80% of MODUS code to support localization. (This took way to long!)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Enclave logo disappeared after the Enclave Database website shut down.

  • Fixed an issue where Reaction Roles errors didn't push links to documentation.

  • Fixed an issue where the reaction roles wouldn't give a explanation if it failed.

  • Fixed an issue where if the reaction roles wouldn't output a link to the documentation if the command failed.

1.11.0 - 2019-07-12

New stuff!

  • Added reaction roles! Whoooo! Pure did this all on his own. Mad lad.

  • Added in a list of materials! Now you don't need to yell at me for not having read that the resource command is for workshop resources. -Tex

  • Added information on how to craft mutation and added images to mutations. Thanks to Drunkfu for allowing us to use his Images! Check his DeviantArt out:

  • Added a list of permissions you as a user will need to run any specific admin commands. This can be found in the documentation

Changes - Good or bad? Idk. You tell me

  • Mutations, Creatures & Perk card commands that link to spreadsheets have now been made "pretty".

  • Added some small changes to the creature database. If an image does not exist. It will now say so and let the person know they can claim that spot.

  • Updated the creature database with some more stats. (Not much)

  • The creature command has now had a redesign change.

  • Fixed an issue where if you changed the prefix of MODUS for the first time. It would send a error message but still change the prefix.

  • Fixed an issue where the moveto command displayed wrong in the admin help command.

Bug fixes - Yuck

  • Fixed some incorrect information on perk cards.

  • Fixed an issue where the moveto command would fail if a admin had denied access to a channel within the channel permissions itself. Giving no indication to the user. (How did Pure find this bug? This baffled me. -Tex) -Incogneeko found the bug.

1.10.2 - 2019-07-07


  • Updated roll command to support argument like "1d20" instead of just "1 20"

1.10.1 - 2019-07-04


  • Perk cards now has images!

  • Added in mutations!

  • Perk card & mutation command now has a small cool tips bar on the bottom of it. Bringing you some small tips for perk cards or mutations if you use the mutation command.


  • You can now use "perks" as a alias on "perkcards" command. (This is to get the list of perk cards)

  • All lists for creatures, perk cards & mutations are now on the same spreadsheet.

1.10.0 - 2019-07-02


  • Added the ability to change MODUS prefix! No more having to conflict prefixes with other bots! (This could slow the bot down. We will be monitoring this as time goes on.)

  • Added the ability to run most of MODUS commands in DMs with MODUS! Just don't let him bribe you.

  • Added a server info command for admins to get some server details. Super handy for those admins who wish to know a bit more without having to look around for all the details.

  • You can also now check how many mod actions you have done on a server as a administrator!

  • We added a "moveto" command that allows you to move a conversation to another channel. limit is 30 messages. We know conversations can sometimes go outside the topic and thats what this is for.


  • changed some internal code to support commands in DMs like Nuke codes!

  • Changed purge command to require "manage messages" permission instead of "manage channels" permission.

  • Purge command should now delete its own cleared message after 4 seconds.

1.9.1 Hotfix - 2019-06-22

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a issue where the creatures module didn't work after update due to code from testing being reverted during code merge.

  • Fixed another issue where the fallout help command would result in the wrong help commands being showed.

1.9.0 - 2019-06-22

The ability to lock commands behind a single channel is still something we plan to do but is not in our priority list. If you want to lock MODUS to a single channel then you will need to edit permissions yourself.


  • Added the ability to subscribe to Bethesda comments their forums, Fo76 subreddit & Fo76 Filthy casuals subreddit. Command is: ">togglebethesdatracker" Its a mouthful. We know. Suggest some better names if you wish! If that is to much for you. You can use the alias that is ">toggletracker"

  • Added the Mysterious Helper to the creature database entry since it was missing.


  • Updated Gitbook documentation.

  • Updated the database to include 1 easter egg. (This was added a few days ago now.)

  • Changes have been made internally to make code more efficient. Pure gets gold for this one. He does all the heavy lifting.

  • reload command should now allow new subsystem extensions without restarting MODUS. MODUS hates restarts... His face turns red if we do...

  • Help command is now migrated over to the database. Meaning less head bashing against the wall when coding. This was translated from "Less coding time"

  • Added alias ">perk" to ">perkcard". (This to was also released early without notice.)

  • ">enablecodes" & ">disablecodes" has now been replaced with ">togglecodes". Codes are still disabled by default.

  • Nuke codes command design changes has been made.

  • Perk card command now also give suggestions.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the mysterious stranger data wouldn't display. Bug reported by -VaultTecTG. (This was hotfixed a few days ago.)

1.8.0 - 2019-06-13

The creature command is still in beta due to the amount of information that is needed. If you want to help and see what I am missing. Head over here:


  • Added a new feature that allows you to search for perk cards! Looking for the tank killer card or maybe other cards!? (Nuclear Winter cards are not supported yet.)

  • Added a links to spreadsheets for both creatures and perk cards!

  • Added a statistics tool to be able to see how many members are across all servers. (This is not a command)

  • I actually documented gitbook for once. Whooot.


  • Creature search command should now give a better answer then "Error" because its not really a error when you typed wrong.

  • Changed help command to suit the new features.

  • (Not sure if this was reported): The MEMES section has been removed. Images were not gathered with permission & the links to the website also stopped working. :shrug:

Bug fixes:


1.7.0-Alpha.2 - 2019-06-11

Patch came out faster then I thought due to a bug that crashed MODUS


  • Ping command is now available for everyone to use.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the creature command just stopped working.

  • Fixed an issue where MODUS would shut down due to the roll command having no limits to calculations. Forcing it to ponder the way of life for the eternity for a mere second before crash. THANKS ABRAMS. MODUS should now have a limit for rolling dice.

1.7.0-Alpha - 2019-06-09


  • Slight change to changelogs. Wait. This ain't a MODUS update. 🤔

  • Added the Creatures module early due to request! Spent hours filling The Database for details on said creatures. This database is still not finished because America to wasn't built in 1 month.

  • Added the creature search command under ">help fallout" command

  • Added more documentation in code. Helps coding a tiny faster but does it though???


  • Changed the command ">info" to ">credits". It made more sense to credit the right people.

  • Changed the ">creatures" command to be ">creature" as it made more sense with the new module

  • Removed ">admin help" from the code as it has been replaced to be under the ">help" command. This was added last update but I forgot to remove the old code :face_palm:

  • Removed "pass_context=True" in the code since "pass_context" is already "True" by default in rewrite which no one told me until I asked for help on something else meaning that I've been lied to this entire time by tutorials. :NotLikeThis:

  • Removed junk code from the ">help" command that caused the bot's terminal to spawn "True" every time someone requested the command. (HOW DID THIS GET PAST CHECKS!?)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that caused the version number to not update for the bot when it was still running. This was hotfixed last minute when it was reported but has been fixed in this update.

1.6.4 - 2019-05-19

Note on the upcoming creatures module:

Most of the pictures for the creatures is done and most of it has been done since Christmas. There are still a few creatures left that I need images of to complete the list. If you want to help out you can head to the spreadsheet and take a look at the spreadsheet below.

There are still a few things left for creatures like stats, spawn locations and etc. More information on this will come in due time.


  • Added a new command called support. Using the support command will send a link straight to #modus-support channel. Which is now open to everyone. No roles needed.

  • Added support for's API so that MODUS server count gets updated on discordbots website. (Added before this update for testing purposes.)

  • Added the ability to see how many servers MODUS is in using the command ">guilds". (Command is not added to the help command. Get me some feedback on this)


  • Changed the creatures command to say Work in progress (Sorry for not doing so earlier!)

  • Improved the roll description in the help command to be more understandable

  • Moved the ">help admin" to be under the help command itself. Using the help command with the permission "manage channels" will now display the admin list with other help commands. (Feedback on this would be much appreciated)

  • Purge command will now let the user know that MODUS requires "manage channels" permission for the command to be used if the user didn't have the permission when running it.

  • Changed the invite link on the documentation page from a direct invite to

  • Updated the documentation website. Fixed spelling mistakes and added more documentation.


  • No bugs this time around! \o/ - 2019-05-14 - Hotfix


  • Changed MODUS response you get from nuke codes not being enabled now in a channel to point to the documentation. (Hope this helps with some confusion for people.) - 2019-05-08


  • Added a command for owner to view what servers MODUS is in. (Good to know in case performance needs improvement if MODUS is in many servers or not.)


  • Changed the last embed line in nuke codes from "Need support?" to "Want MODUS in your server?"

1.6.3 - 2019-05-07


  • Added a info command for people interested about the bot and its creator

  • Added in placeholder for the creatures list.

  • Added some support field to different commands


  • Removed support from CLNN due to CLNN originally shutting down. (New leadership has taken over. Changes might be made. We will have to see.)

1.6.2 - Hotfix - 2019-05-02


  • Fixed an issue where the request of the aluminum command under Fallout 76 would fail due to a spelling mistake...

1.6.1 - 2019-04-22


  • Updated the bot from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1

  • Updated Python from 3.6 to 3.7 - 64Bit

  • Added the ability for CLNN publishers to view their subscriber list from the CLNN database.

  • Added the ability to change the bot's game, stream, watching & listening information display.


  • Improved the speed of reloading bot's modules from around 5 - 10 to now 1 second or less.


  • Fixed a major security issues that allowed anyone to publish articles through CLNN subscribed channels without permissions. (Luckily the CLNN module has not been put for use just yet.)

1.6 - 2019-04-19


  • Added ability to add or remove channels that can use the nuke codes command

  • Added a dice roller for those pen & paper people.

  • Added the Joined command so people can see when they joined the server they are in.

  • Added a help command for the fallout commands

  • Added CLNN to the help command

  • Added a database to store CLNN subscribers. Server admins can now subscribe or unsubscribe to CLNN articles.


  • Improved the help command by adding different categories.

  • Moved adminhelp command to be grouped under help command.

  • Reworked the CLNN module. It no longer posts to webhooks YET. MODUS is now required in the server to get CLNN articles.


  • Fixed an issue where the purge/clear command deleted one message less then it was supposed to.

  • Removed humans, they weren't doing fine with animals.

  • Animals are now super cute, all of them.

1.5 - 2019-03-25 - First patch note


  • MODUS will now publish CLNN articles through webhooks. CLNN will use this for other allied servers as well. This is a beneficial to us all.

  • MODUS now supports 2 prefixes. The original being > and tagging the bot itself like so: @MODUS


  • Fixed a bug causing MODUS to ignore clear/purge command.