A list of people credited for helping with the MODUS project. If I missed someone. Let me know.

This page is to credit those who have helped with MODUS project.

The current development team

Pure Savagery - Now developer

  • Providing nuke codes.

  • Providing data mined files.

  • Helping with providing suggestions & help when I got stuck on something.

  • Programming MODUS.

DarylDixon_ - Translator

  • Helping with Russian translation


Sultano / Morris

  • Helping with the Database website.

  • Images for the creature extension.


  • Helping to provide images for the Database website & MODUS.

  • Spent his entire December gathering images. Mad lad.

Sanders / Thanos

  • Providing a bunch of stats for creatures extension.

Drunkfu / Shia

People who help gather images for the creature extension

  • VaultTecTG

  • Sultano / Morris


  • Kollin

  • Evevee

  • Jagdavogel

  • Jacoren

  • Yonata

  • Zhilious

  • Mdgautodoc