I am working on it okey??? D:

Q: What features are you currently working on with MODUS?

A: If you are curious about development of MODUS then you can head to the Trello page!

Q: Can I suggest a feature for MODUS?

A: That you can! Just head over to our discord and suggest it in #suggestions

Q: Can I help with building the bot?

A: You can and you don't need coding skills. Talk to us in the discord server.

Q: When are you available?

A: Whenever we can.

Q: Whats the cost of running a discord bot?

A: MODUS costs right now is about 10 USD a month. Though this price could increase as the bot gains more popularity.

Q: How do you get the @Contributors role in discord?

A: You get it by helping to contribute to the MODUS project.