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Poll command

User commands

The Poll command allows you to create a poll in your server for your members to vote on   Synta...

NukeCodes command

Fallout 76 commands

Fighting the Scorched queen? or maybe you just need flux Nuke codes is the feature MODUS was bui...

Change log #1 - 2020-11-23

Changelog, Credits & Other Changelogs

It has been a while! It has seriously been a while and we haven't had the most time working on f...

ToggleCodesUpdate command - Weekly Codes Update

Admin commands

You asked for it. We finally did it. Took us long enough! You can now enable weekly nuke code...

Mutation command

Fallout 76 commands

Have you been wandering the wasteland without protection? Maybe you grew rabbit legs? Don't you ...

FED76 Command

Fallout 76 commands

The fed76 command allows you to search through The Enclave Database for all the nuclear winter pe...

Nuclear Winter Perk Card command

Fallout 76 commands

The nwperk command allows you to search through The Enclave Database for all the nuclear winter p...

Perkcard command

Fallout 76 commands

The perkcard command allows you to search for all the perk cards in Fallout 76! This will output ...

Creature command

Fallout 76 commands

Looking for a creatures report? The creature command allows you to search through The Enclave Da...

Roll command - Dice Roller

User commands

Switching between a web browser and discord can be tedious. Luckily for you. MODUS supports the ...

Toggle Bethesda Tracker

Admin commands

Ever wanted to know what Bethesda is saying? Now you can! By default. Bethesda tracker is disabl...

Joined command

User commands

Curious about when you joined the server you are in? You can now use the "joined" command to get...

Credits & Significant contributors

Changelog, Credits & Other

This page is to credit those who have helped with MODUS project. The current development team T...

Frequently Asked Questions

Changelog, Credits & Other

Q: What features are you currently working on with MODUS?A: If you are curious about development ...

Serverinfo command

Admin commands

Are you curious about some general information about your server? We were to! We have seen a few...

Prefix command

Admin commands

Tired of bots having the same prefix? So are we. That's why MODUS supports custom prefixes. You ...

Clear command

Admin commands

Clear the channel! Make way for MODUS! MODUS has the ability to delete as many messages as you t...

Moveto command

Admin commands

Does it feel like people bloat the wrong channels? We to notice this a lot! We to are sometimes ...

Modactions command

Admin commands

Are you curious about how many moderation actions you have done? So were we. Its quite simple. I...

Reaction Roles command

Admin commands

Ready to take your server to the next level?   MODUS is equipped with the ability to give any u...